Sprachkurse in Frankfurt und bundesweit: ISEU - Iser, Eufinger und Partner

Sprachkurse. Coaching. Seminare.

Corporate History

History of the Company

ISEU was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2008 by the freelance teachers Stefan Iser and Thomas Eufinger. The name is a combination of the first syllable of the two founders’ last names. In the early years, the company served to help facilitate the processing of the founders’ private client assignments. In the course of the last years, the teaching assignments became so numerous that further teachers, for even more languages, were hired. In 2013, the online language service Linqua was created in order to give ISEU an online platform for the growing needs of their clients. In 2014, the company acquired new offices at Frankfurt’s Westend district, in order to be closer to its clientele. In 2016, an alliance was formed with Deutsch für Ärzte (German for doctors) in Göttingen, in order to expand the technical language training and create synergy. In the following year, the founder of Deutsch für Ärzte, Benjamin Kühn, became a partner in the company. Since then both brands have been run in tandem.