Sprachkurse in Frankfurt und bundesweit: ISEU - Iser, Eufinger und Partner

Sprachkurse. Coaching. Seminare.

Stefan Iser

Stefan Iser

Founding member of ISEU, Senior Executive Partner
Specialization: Technical language in economics and finance, law, politics, accounting, and administration. Developer for e-learning solutions and online-courses.

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Thomas Eufinger

Thomas Eufinger

Founding member of ISEU and Senior Partner
Specialization: Pronunciation training, German for musicians, German for clergy

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Benjamin Kühn

Benjamin Kühn

Partner of ISEU since 2017, Senior Executive Partner.
Specialization: German fo medical professionals, e-learning development

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Franziska Herrmann

Franziska Herrmann

Partner of ISEU since 2018
Specialization: Expert for seminars in presentation, rhetoric and expressive skills, correspondency and exam preparation at all levels

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Demet Tepegöz

Demet Tepegöz

Partner of ISEU since 2018
Specialization: German for dentists; exam preparation for Fachsprachprüfung für Zahnärzte; she knows in detail the requirements of the Medical Chamber for Dentists.

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Adrien Leroy

Adrien Leroy

Partner of ISEU since 2018
Specialization: language for agricultural technology

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