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Quality Standards

  1. Our trainers are highly qualified committing themselves to high level standards.
  2. Our clients gain constantly consistent high grade language trainings and seminars in the premium section.
  3. We collaborate with our participants and clients professionally and confidentially. An open and cooperative communication during the whole duration of the course or seminar is an integrative part hereof.
  4. We design our language courses to be as efficient as possible – taking into account the learning style and habits of the participants.
  5. The planning of the language trainings is based on the defined leaning aims of our participants – and it is continuously clearly explained to our customers.
  6. We keep us currently informed on the most recent state of the art in didactics and methodology of language training for adults.
  7. We are familiar with the Common European Framework (CEF) as well as the common language exams.
  8. A continuous exchange exchange of teaching materials and training concepts in our team ensures a continuously high quality of our work.
  9. We design our language trainings and seminars in a professional manner regarding appearance, punctuality, source citations and presentation of course content.
  10. We don’t offer our language courses and seminars using low price strategies, in order to fulfill our self-imposed goals in the long term. Due to our efficient didactic approach our customers generally need less teaching units. Hence the cost of our courses is lower on a middlte term basis – in comparison to other language intitutes.