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How much time does it take learning of a language?

  • I follow exactly the trainers instructions.
  • I attend regularly the classes.
  • I do regularly and thoroughly my homework.

So you need 40 hrs. for a whole level – in average.

What method helps me learn most effectively?

If the method is flawed, you won’t learn efficiently. In the worst case you learn incorrectly; and you notice this at the latest when you are at the advanced stage and continue to make mistakes from the beginners level: incorrect structure, which you have internalized in the interim, is more difficult to correct. There is no one correct method. A qualified language trainer knows what ist best for you.

What learning materials do you work with?

We are familiar with all current and common textbooks and will choose the right one for you. This decision depends upon your learning type, length of learning time, type of course and individual target-goals.